Vilnius Academy of Art

Vilnius Academy of Arts is the largest and oldest public funded art university in the Baltic States, established in 1793 as an Architecture department in Vilnius. Today the Academy has more than 1.500 regular students studying art, design and architecture in 23 Bachelor, 23 Master programmes and 3 Art doctoral programmes in four locations – Vilnius, Kaunas, Telšiai and Klaipėda. The Academy runs Nida Art Colony, whose project “Sun and the sea” was awarded with Golden Lion of Venice Biennale at 2018. Studies at the Graphic Design department are based on artistic and design research strategies, towards independent creative experience and critical thinking. Students explore interdisciplinary and multimedia approach in wide range of social, cultural and political projects.

Programme involved: Graphic Design


Audrius Klimas
Alisa Raides